About NRD MapMaker

NRD MapMaker allows you to create rich custom maps in your web browser from a variety of geographic data - without the need to purchase expensive software. MapMaker is powered by GIS (Geographic Information System) databases compiled by a variety of local, state and Federal agencies.

Who Is it For?

MapMaker is great for farmers, landowners, city and county officials, utility managers, students, and anyone else with an interest in working with rich geographic data.

What Information Is Available?

Currently, MapMaker information is available for eastern Nebraska. In the future, coverage may be expanded to include other areas of the state as well.

Within the current coverage area of the system, there is a large variety of information available, organized by NRD. Coverages include (but are not limited to):

The system is continually updated as new coverages become available, so check back periodically. To suggest a coverage to be included in the system, e-mail mapmaker@lpnnrd.org.

Who Developed the System?

The NRD MapMaker system was developed by a partnership including several NRDs and the Lower Platte River Corridor Alliance. For more information, see Project Partners.

How Do I Use It?

Once you launch MapMaker, a "Help" link will appear in the navigation bar on the top right. Click that link for an overview of how to use the system. If you still have questions after viewing the Help pages, contact us at mapmaker@lpnnrd.org or (402) 443-4675.